COVID-19 + Health.

In March 2020, at the height of the global pandemic, our DnaNudge scientists created a new Nudge cartridge for rapid, lab-free COVID-19 testing - a task they completed in a matter of days!


Through the pandemic

Since late March, our DnaNudge COVID-19 test has been deployed within the NHS in England.

Our dedicated DnaNudge team working alongside front-line clinical professionals have been in hospitals across the country, to help deal with this unprecedented health crisis.

COVID-19 + health conditions

COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented international crisis that will have a long lasting impact on us all.

As scientists around the world continue to understand more about the disease, it is becoming apparent that chronic health conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and type 2 diabetes are significant risk factors that contribute to severe COVID-19 illness and increased fatality.

Without a vaccine or effective treatment for COVID-19, it is more important than ever to maintain a healthy diet including being mindful of snacking behaviour and being physically active as much as we can.

Eat right, move more

No single food or supplement can help prevent COVID-19, but good overall nutrition, adequate hydration and dynamic exercise routines can make a difference. Fruit and vegetables, low amounts of saturated fat, sugar and salt continue to be the cornerstone of a healthy diet.

Our DnaNudge Nutrition Test looks at your genetic predisposition to chronic lifestyle conditions such as obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and blood cholesterol. These results are then used to provide you with personalised, DNA-based food recommendations giving you the power to make informed, healthier choices when you're shopping.

Our DnaBand technology also nudges you to think about how often you move each day and how inactive - or sedentary - you are, combining your genetic and lifestyle data in order to tailor your product recommendations in real-time.

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